In twenty-seventy or so, tenements on fire, blazing through endless nights

I’ve finally decided to do something with my ideas instead of just letting them stew in my head and then forgetting to write them down. This is blog is just as the title states, some words about things (usually role-playing games or its related topics) and some heavy metal, or whatever music I’m feeling at the time. You’ll notice that I write informally and that’s for a good reason, I’m terrible and new, and new and terrible. So let’s get going.

The Shadowrun campaign that I ran for the better half of a year (I think.) has been over for about two months now and with my group getting into other projects I have decided to publish what was my concept for ending the campaign or possibility starting a new one. The set up is that the protagonists are your typical band of cyberpunk miscreants, a way-too-cool-for-school Batman clone, a mage who is book smart, a shaman who isn’t quite sure of himself, an orc who used to drive for the triads and a super fashion-sensible female troll who is all too ready to modify herself with cybernetics.

The protagonists find themselves on the wrong end of a corrupt police investigator and decide to kidnap his son to lure him out for a battle, employing the aid of an all-elf biker gang (Shadowrun players would know them as the Ancients.) for backup. This investigator was named Jackson Douglas, and I fashioned his motivations and personality to be a gigantic dick to the PC’s. He’d routinely call the players, asking how they were complying with his blackmail efforts and generally being the passive-aggressive southern gentleman jackass cliché I imagined him to be. A cheap trick to make your players hate your villain is to just have him insult or snub the players at every opportunity he can. Don’t go overboard with it, just the occasional reminder that the target of the PC’s ire is worthy of it.

Most definitely.
The protagonists, allegedly.

Our heroes lure Douglas out to an abandoned mall on the outskirts of town and open fire as soon he lands. Grenades were thrown, lightning bolts hurled, gunshots exchanged. It all ended with someone shooting down the escaping helicopter with a bazooka and Jackson Douglas, Knight-Errant Astral Investigator being sniped..twice. You can never be too sure. With the story arc concluded I decided to write the end scene in the spirit of a TV show and have the end scene play out with an after-the-fact news story like you’d see on the late night news. This is for my players whom I didn’t get to share it with and for anyone else curious.

And the “metal” for the day isn’t that metal (we’re off to a bad start huh?), but it is a fantastic song I put on my cyberpunk playlist just for this Shadowrun campaign. A fitting season-ending theme.


A helicopter hovers above the trail of black smoke emitting from the remains of the wreckage, a twisted maze of metal and carbon fiber. Camera panning to the left, it eventually stops and zooms in on a body lying on his back and facing the sky. It appears to be an older gentleman in civilian clothes. stained with blood and gore. From this distance you can tell it was the work of a high-caliber rifle, or many of them. The camera zooms out again, showing the corpses of a number of elvish men dressed in leather black jackets and jeans, clutching outdated old-war rifles in their hands. Panning out further it catches what looks to be uniformed officers lying dead on the nearby rooftop, in bloody pools and charred husks. “It’s a scene right out of an action movie.” a reporter says over the footage, her voice calm and stoic.“Knight Errant is reporting that the infamous gang of elvish renegades called The ‘Ancients’ are responsible for the ambush and murder of Knight Errant Astral Investigator Jackson Douglas.”

 A mug shot of a male elf of asian descent appears on the trideo, his hair black and slicked backwards. “The prime suspect for the attack is Ying Hi-Shu, thought to be a high-ranking leader in the gang. Additionally he was spotted with other conspirators whom police suspect to not be in the gang but are also persons of interest.” The mug shot smash cuts to a blurry photo of Ying taking cover behind a black van, mouth open mid-shout and pointing at the camera, and is followed by computer-rendered sketches of our protagonists “This is the last photo the authorities have on the suspect, followed by computerized approximations of his conspirators. Anyone with any information as to the whereabouts of Ying are advised to called 1-800-KE-TIPS, Knight Errant have stated there will be a large monetary award for any information leading to the capture.” The images then fade out to a blonde woman with a short professional haircut, with a photograph of a young caucasian male wearing an urban brawl jersey  “Additionally, Knight Errant are looking into the whereabouts of Douglas’s son, James Luke Douglas who has gone missing. Any information regarding James Douglas’s location is to be reported to 1-800-KE-TIPS.” The camera angle shifts focus to the co-anchor who promptly begins the next story about pop-star sensation Christine Starbright playing a sold out show in downtown Seattle.

In twenty-seventy or so, tenements on fire, blazing through endless nights

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