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Today’s stuff is on NPC’s. Most sources will break down aspects of NPC’s into these categories, I thought it might be fun to try and work out some numerical stats to represent it, which can still be done.. but I’m feeling a bit lazy.


Appearance, Quirks, Personality, Ties, Resources, Skills, Goals, History


Keep in mind we are not listing everything about an NPC in these categories, only the most important ones, and ones most likely to interface with the PC’s. We can add things to the categories as an NPC’s importance in the game rises. A similar kind of system can be used for simply managing/fleshing out particular Factions of your game. A lot of this was inspired by Johnn Four’s ebook NPC Essentials, which I got from the Worldbuilding +3 Bundle of Holding. Note I said inspired by not borrowed from. There’s a lot of good stuff in the book, but he seems to assume that you should do things like roll stats for every NPC, and that NPC creation should be a lengthy process. We’re too lazy for all that ain’t we? Let’s try to distill down NPC’s into the essential aspects that leaves enough to build upon later.


About Appearance – Most people look unique, even people who look much alike have unique aspects to them. RPG’s typically take place in a science fiction or fantasy world, so feel free to play up some very strange appearances indeed. Appearance can also involve their state of dress, which can be informed by other aspects such as their ties and resources.

About Quirks – Quirks are little things your NPC’s do that perhaps they are the only person in the world who does that thing. Or it can be things an NPC is sensitive about, phobias they have, things they are obsessed with.

About Personality – Pick a few words to describe this character. Keep in mind that human beings are complex and contradictory creatures so feel free to mash together personality traits that clash. They also behave one way with some people and another way with others.

About Ties – Ties are affiliations your NPC has. Not all NPC’s have ties, but most do. (the friendly wandering ogre might have no family, but it’s more fun if he does if you ask me.) Decide the organizations or enterprises the NPC is involved with and at what level is he. If the NPC is the King of Dorkland then his tie is to the “Hegemony of Dorkland: the King:” The King of Dorkland might also know the local Assassins Guild. We need not describe this relationship in detail until it becomes necessary.

Or if he is a low level cat burglar in the Thieves Guild then we might put, “Dorkland Thieves Guild, Cat Burglar.” These ties also might inform what kinds of skills he has. Additionally the NPC probably has ties to people that are not within his direct influence, extended family members. the King of Dorkland might have the tie “Brother to the King of Nerdom”

About Resources – This plays directly off the Ties section. What resources does the NPC have at their disposal? This is meant to be abstract. The King doesn’t have 10,000000 gold pieces. He has “Wealth of the Kingdom.” He probably also has “The Knights of Dorkland”. Depending on the circumstances he might have other things like “Printing Press.” for mass producing propaganda, or if he has ties to the local assassination guild as we suggested before then we might say he has the resource “Paid Assassins.”

About Skills – Skills are what the character is good at OR knowledgable about. Even the local drunk has skills. His skills are probably “Alcoholism” and “Knows the streets”. Maybe before he was the local drunk he used to be a soldier, so he also has “Swordsmanship, Soldiering” as skills, even if they are not readily apparent

Our King of Dorkland has skills too, he might have been born into his position but he maintains it with something (probably.) the King’s skills might be “Navigating bureaucracy.” or “Throwing fancy parties.” It’s important to keep the skills an aspect of the NPC themselves, it’s not something they put into action because of their position in society, that’s Ties and Resources.

About Goals – Goals, everyones got them. The goal can be big or small. It can be from “Does their day to day to feed their family.” to “Wants to incite rebellion against the King.” There can be multiple ones as well. Keep the goals in line with the NPC’s status in the world and in the narrative. The local drunk probably doesn’t want to actually incite rebellion against the King, even if he may hate him. (Constantly saying how he hates/blames the King could be a quirk.) Goals are the same as when you are making your PC, they are actionable things that are within the realm of reason that can be accomplished. Fleshing out the NPC’s skills, resources and ties can help inform the goals.

About History – For goodness sake do not write a history to each and every NPC, not even to the King of Dorkland. Only bother writing a history for an NPC if the history of the NPC becomes important to the game as determined by the goals of the player characters, or if the players somehow express an interest. Do the player characters wants to overthrow the king? Then it might be important to establish his history, who his rivals are, who knows his secrets, who raised him. What his political track record is..etc. Don’t waste time writing stuff your players won’t care about and won’t have a chance to discover.


Using this Let’s make some NPC’s.

The King of Dorkland

Appearance: round, wrinkly, bald, light skin

Quirks: Eye twitch, paces when irritated, drinks at inappropriate times

Personality: mirthful, compassionate, forgiving, deceitful.

Ties: Patron of the Assassins Guild, King of the Hegemony of Dorkland, brother to the Queen of Nerdom

Resources: Wealth of the Kingdom, Knights of Dorkland, Paid Assassins, Mass propaganda

Skills: Bureaucracy, Throwing Parties, Painting  

Goals: Maintain stability by any means necessary, ensure the future of the dynasty.

History: Not important (yet.)


Beggar Bob from the Slums

Appearance: mangy, gaunt, heavily grayed long hair, peg-legged.

Quirks: spasms of manic yelling, a pet turtle.

Personality: lazy, stubborn, paranoid, sharing.

Ties: Other beggars of the Slums, other low-lifes, Priestess from the Temple of Mercy.

Resources: Secrets of the observed

Skills: Street knowledge, urban survival techniques, cooking, panhandling.

Goals: Get by to the next day as easy as possible, make an easy buck, get drunk.

History: Used to be a Soldier in the army til he lost his leg.


If you are like me you have a hard time coming up with names, or personality traits . So use random tables. Google them yourself!

Also I can’t stop listening to this album by Mgla, so check that out. Til next time..



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